Our values


We are proud of the service that we provide and have no reason to hide any of our practices. We encourage questions and visits from loved ones and professionals.


We are aware that circumstances can be distressing particularly where crisis and admission is necessary. We will always provide an empathetic, kind and thoughtful service to both service users and their loved ones. Our service also offers support for carers both practically and emotionally.

Patient Focussed

We recognise that our service users are at the heart of everything we do. Our service is based around and for people who are working towards their recovery. We will encourage personal growth within a supportive environment to create higher quality of life. We also provide a safe environment to learn independent skills, reducing the frequencies and lengths of inpatient admissions.


We work in partnership with organisations such as Bringing Us Together, BILD, NAS and the NHS to provide the best holistic care for our service users. We also strive to build strong working relationships with carers, families and friends as we recognise the valuable job that loved ones do both during service user’s time with us and afterwards. Our service users also have access to a specialist multi-disciplinary team ensuring all elements of their care needs are met.


All of our staff are committed and driven to provide the best possible care. From those who are prominent on the ward to those who work in admin, everyone is contributing to high quality care.